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Weather & Court Availability After Rain

When it rains after midnight, in most cases there will be no play until 10:30am unless we need to get a team match played. When it rains at 1:00pm, there will likely be no junior programs or play until 6:00pm. If it rains after 1:00-2:00pm, then chances are that we’ll be closed for the remainder of the day.​

After it stops raining, it can take anywhere from 2.5 hours or more with good conditions for the courts to be playable. In a perfect situation, after rain, the courts need to be brushed and lined. After major rain, clay gets washed away, and lines can be high, creating a dangerous situation.

If looking at the courts after rain, and there are no puddles, the courts may still not be ready for play. Water is likely still beneath the surface, resulting in slippery conditions which can cause injury.

Shoes & Attire​

No running shoes are allowed. Due to the nature of clay courts, there is a far greater risk of injury during play, and damage to the court surface, if running shoes are used. Use of proper tennis shoes will help avoid injury and court damage.


The tennis center clubhouse will open at 8:00am for 8:30am play times. This will allow for the person opening to be ready for 8:30am play. Phone calls will not be taken before 8:00am unless there is a weather situation.


Reservations can be made by members only, and no more than 48 hours in advance.

Court Surface

Our 20 “clay” courts are actually Har-Tru; a finely crushed stone surface. More information on Har-Tru surfaces is available here.

Upon arriving…

Court fee & Member Check-In​

All non-members must pay the $13.00/person court fee before heading on court. Rain checks are given at the front desk if play is suspended due to weather before the first hour of play is completed.

For all team members (Suncoast, South Pinellas, PADL, Ultimate Tennis, and USTA teams), please help the front desk out by paying for court fees ahead of time.

All members must swipe their membership card before heading on court. If the card is lost or damaged, please contact the front desk for a replacement!

During play…


Please be respectful of all players at all times. Refrain from foul language or racquet throwing.


Shirts and appropriate shoes must be worn at all times.

After play…


All players must brush & line the courts when play is finished. Sweeping must begin 5 minutes prior to the next court reservation coming on to play, and at the end of the night. For example, the 8:30am players would start sweeping and lining at 10:25am for the players coming on at 10:30am, and then 6:00pm players would start sweeping and lining at 8:25pm for 8:30pm closing.

Please return all court brushes to the proper spots, and all liners must be hung back up on the fence. This will lengthen the life of these tools as they are costly to replace.

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